Porsche 911 GT3 RS 991 Work in progress

Just made this as my vacations are here and I am idle most of the time in my vacations. Started It on the 2nd of april, and it’s still very far from completion.

I took some tips from various modelling / topology sites on the net and the video tutorial on blender cookie. After working on it 1-2 hours a day for 8 days, here is the base body shell.

( With subsurf, smooth shading ):-

( without subsurf, flat shading ):-

( Side wireframe ):-

For now, it is fairly low-poly but I will remove the triangles, apply a subsurf and put in the finer details.

Any comments, critique is greatly appreciated.


It’s pretty good.Is this your first car?

Nice start. You have the right idea here with blocking out and details later. However, I would look up some tutorials/information about topology, as that will really help improve your car model. The front isn’t so bad, but the side and rear seem rather iffy/rushed. Take your time to do it right, and don’t be afraid to start over if/when you mess up, or anything really.
Keep it up!

its a good start, but you have learn to have harmony, symmetry with edge loops. and you don’t have that in your modeling process. for example you have to many NGons in the model, NGons and Triangles, are the least you wanna have it in a model. Always the shape in the model have to have a flow, al the edge loops have to follow a continue flow.

even a low poly car have to follow it

That low poly car in the answer looks like a corvette stingray, but not like the typical post on BA.


After getting utterly frustruated with the topology after the subsurf, I decided to scrap everything and start over with the shell with some improved topology.

For now, it has turned out pretty good with subsurf and smooth. Here is the front of the car:-

( With subsurf, smooth shading ):-

( Without subsurf, flat shading ):-

( Side topology ):-
This time, It’s properly done with only quads. The extra loop cuts are support loops.

To Time Keeper: Yes, this is my first car. I started with blender 4 months ago and did some models like olaf the snowman and my deskscene, but this is my first really difficult modelling project.

I will extend the body shell and post another update later.

Any comments, critique is greatly appreciated.


doesn’t work the links

Sorry, but here are the images:-

Ok. you are improved the front end. Clap Clap.:yes:. And seems like you are beginning understanding about topology. Now im really exited to see more of the car.