Porsche 911 GT3 RS - Material Process

This thread is to show the process of adding materials to a sports car I have modeled.

Feedback and critique are greatly appreciated.

Here are some clay renders of the back front and details of the car:

nice car model. could you put up a wire?

Agree, looks good.

Here’s the Wire render:

I’ve almost got a first pass on the materials done, should be posting it soon.

Your model is beautiful!

Will you do it in Cycles?

Thanks! And yes, I’ve almost got a first pass on the materials in cycles.

Here is a first pass on the materials in cycles:

The lighting setup and main materials(windows and body) were taken from a tutorial on blendercookie.com.

One problem I’m having is when seen from the viewport surface has strange artifacts, although I dont think it shows when rendered out.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

This already happen to me but I don’t remember why…
Normals pointing inside?
Duplicated mesh or vertexes?

I really don’t remember man…

By the way… looking GOOD!!

Well, I don’t think I’m going to worry about it unless it shows in the renders. Here’s another shot of the car from the back:

Looks great but not real, if that is the intention; I think the ground is too glossy.

The body looks slightly, i think plastic ish - not sure if that’s it, but it looks wrong somehow.

Yeah, The intention is to get a photo realistic render, I’m going to do a render with environment lighting (And maybe a different color) to see if it’s just the lighting setup.

Here’s another render with a different shader I found on the forums, I think it look a lot better: