Porsche 911 GT3 RS

I think it needs a little more gloss to it now but otherwise looking good.

I’m going to play with the studio scene a bit more, then I’m going to call it done. I’ll try and put the rear view up in a little while, the GPU I’m using right now doesn’t have the VRAM.

Looking good. Here are a couple good car/studio/hdri lighting tutorials by blazraidr. Maybe you’ve seen them, maybe not.

Thanks mmoore500, I’ll check 'em out. Here’s the back perspective as promised:

The size is pretty small but I kept getting invalid image when trying to upload…

[edit] a higher res link http://photos.smugmug.com/photos/i-6df8LHN/0/X2/i-6df8LHN-X2.png

Yeah it is really annoying and a waste of time. Looking good. Where did you get your reference images from?

Thanks :). I ended up having to buy mine from theblueprints, I couldn’t find anything else to work from without needing to have an amazing artistic eye (which I don’t). Mind you, the blueprints I used had the front, side, top and rear shape, the curves had to be cross-referenced to reference images which were sourced from many places. To give an idea I have about 65 reference images saved.

Wow. What about the reference images for the interior and the Callipers.

Beyond the blueprints, creative searches of google images my friend :slight_smile:

Damn it. I wish someone did car parts. Also I can’t model without Orthographic references

hmmmm im not the only one with difficulties with lights… i mean those leds dont look like that at all in real life.

I think some work can be done in the compositor to improve this. Here’s what I came up with playing with streaks:

When you google image search for led brake light that image isn’t too far outside the realms of reality. Even though it might not match the genuine GT3 brake lights precisely, these are ebswift aftermarket specials :D.

Hey Ebswift just a question? Is the width of the rear spoiler not to big or do I need to buy new glasses :slight_smile:
When I google the car most photo’s I find show the tips of the wing ending above the tail lights.
On your render it looks like they are bigger.

Anyways besides that Nice!! love porsche’s

Did you model each individual lights?

Thanks, nice catch. It’s all about the reference perspectives, I didn’t trust the blueprint 100%, when looking from one of the photos it looked like the spoiler edges went nearly to the tips of the mirrors and that’s where they stayed. Reviewing my references, they do indeed end there, luckily an easy fix, thank you!

Yeah, though I didn’t go too crazy with the geometry as it’s mostly obscured to the viewer - which is also the same reason why it’s hard to get a decent view of these from references. I thought about particles etc., but in the end there aren’t too many individual led’s so I just went with it. It’d be nice to have access to a prestige car dealership where you could rock up to take references.

Yw :slight_smile: glad don’t need new glasses :smiley:

Apologies for reviving an old post but I think I should bring closure to the build now that I’m ‘done’ with this little project. I’ve since moved on to technical 3D drawing for practical applications, so this project will be my first (proper attempt) and possibly last attempt at 3D artistic work as an exercise “just to see if I could”. There are subtleties that could be improved but I reached the limits of my skillset of what I learned after trying many things. This final render uses a HDRI underground parking scene I bought for the purpose, I tried developing scenes but just could not get anything believable. The entire project has taken dozens of hours.