porsche 911 GT3

This is my third car the others weren’t good
so this time I tried with a real car.
Crits are very welcome


umm…looking good soo far…please chage the material and the overall setup…just so that i can look better even at the early stages…

what do you mean about the overall setup ?

sry i didnt explain further…im in class so i cant be seen on the forum…i meant adding a floor and putting better materials on your car aswell as putting beter lighting…which will improve the image better…oh turning on AO will make it more realistic…:wink:

edit:now that i come to think of it…its pretty good modelling…keep it up…

this is probably better, haven’t changed the mesh yet
C&C are still very welcome


oooo now were talkin…this is great…it feels better now…is the mirror modifier first in the stack??
if not make it first it will get that line out…:wink:
edit:BTW nice rims…

thanks, i didn’t now how he mirror modifier worked, it was a linked duplicate
next update tomorrow (going to bed)

oh well now u noe how the mirror modifier works right?
good night and will be waiting for updates…:wink:

don’t bother messing with textures and lighting yet. It’s a waste, as they tend to cover up errors in modelling. Stick with the stock Blender material, (I prefer turning hardness/spec down to the lowest, however) as it gives a good, neutral view of your mesh. The mirror modifier is probably your better bet, and it’s quite easy to apply
(F9, “Modifiers” Select “Mirror” from the drop-down list, ensure it’s first on the stack so as to avoid subsurf mishaps. The subsurf moves the verts far enough from the mirror line they don’t catch, and you end up with creases down the middle. It sometimes happens anyways, but it’s less common).

Keep working on the modelling, making sure not only to reference blueprints of the car, but also photos of the car itself, to compare.


Here is a little update
a little has bin modified at the back

is there anybody who knows about techniques to model I will hear them because i don’t really know what to do afterwards

C&C are still very Welcome


you need to add depth to the body right now it looks paper thin

I don’t know how to get further, what should I do