Porsche 911

the car isn’t really perfect, but i want to spent my time to other modellings, now.


can someone tell me,
how i can make a screenshot under linux (SuSE Linux)?
than i will post a few wires, too.

c&c please.

c u

Just use Gimp to make a screenshot.

There is a feature in the new raytrace est build that allows you to do this. Its on the window header. Its pretty neat :slight_smile:

I also use IrfanView for this


If your using KDE you can use ksnapshot to do a screen grab.

try CTRL+F3 in the blender window for a screenshot!!!

Actually, in Linux (KDE, at least) that will just change it to Desktop 3.

KSnapshot is a standard part of KDE, so it should be there. I’m using Mandrake 9.1, so it may be in a different menu. Whichever menu has the GiMP in it, will probably also have KSnapshot. If that doesn’t work, open a console and type “ksnapshot” (all lowercase and without quotes. If that doesn’t work, then you don’t have it. Go to the SuSE website and download it, or check out apps.kde.com.

i only work with blender 3.1a, so i don’t have the new features.
but ksnapshot works fine.

is this wire usefull for you?

PS: the first render was a normal blender-render
and i used the zblur plugin.


CTRL F3 works when using Gnome… but when I use xfce… it switches to desktop 3. I don’t use KDE, but I’d imagine if you knew how to disable, or change keyboard shortcuts, then all will be well.

thanks for the tips how to make a screenshot,
BUT can someone criticize my picture, please.

I think you are really close on the shape. I wouldn’t change that at all, but it still seems to lack… depth.

It almost looks like its a cartoon. I think it would look really good if you did a few more things to make it look realistic. For instance, make the paint job just a little bit dirty. I think that would really add to this.

I would do the same to the tyres. The rims on the other hand seem to not be shiny enough. They look very flat. I would make the headlights more transparent as well.

Again, very nice model. Good work.

3.1a? I hope you mean 2.31a, or else I’ve gotten really behind :stuck_out_tongue: . Make it a bit longer. O ya, btw, CTRL+ALT+F3 should work too.

oops. sorry, my mistake. i mean 2.31a.

Wow Looks very nice!

O ya, btw, CTRL+ALT+F3 should work too.

That will switch to terminal number 3…

WOW!!! :o :o
thats very cool, nice work on making it shiny and reflective, good job.