Porsche 911


Tell me what you think :smiley:

didn’t you post this somewhere else I saw today?

(maybe wip, ok)

looks cool, you have a bigger render of this one?

is the background a photo?
(from wip thread, yes)

personally I would like to see more of what is in the dark (like for example the tires), and from my experience ambient lighting would make that possible.

I also wonder about what is going on below the right front headlight with the shape of the front bumper, does it really bend back that way? oh, and on the fender there, why is it gray?

wip thread: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=20578

The model looks great, but the render is too small to be sure. :slight_smile: Double the size please and make it sharp (png rocks), people don’t have modems anymore. Or if they do, you’ve taken a lot of time creating something, they can take little time viewing it, right? 8)

Maybe the camera lens value is a little bit too small… I’d make it a bit bigger and move the camera away some more.

Otherwise it’s looking good, the reflections are sharp but I think it’s okay.

The model looks great, but a bigger render would be fine. The shadow looks strange to me because it makes the car “flying”.
BTW: strange enviroment for a porsche.

This is great! What rendering process did you use, raytracing, scanline, etc?

Incredible render! The biggest thing that gives it away as being CG is the sharp shadow. Otherwise it is so well blended into the background that i was wondering if it was a background at all. Well done!

Wow that’s such a great car for such a poor slum. (I hope it has LoJack) :smiley: But model is great but maybe a bit too reflective.

very nicelly rendered & smooth integration in the background … do treat us to a bigger rendering though please :stuck_out_tongue:

  It looks suprisingly real .. but yet a bit unreal .. but in a good way that makes it look sci-fi ish .. IMO of course

Thanks for the comments, heres a bigger render, cant make em too big becuase my image host only allows 120KB images.


Ive given up on the compositing, need to wait until Blender’s raytracer gets HDRI.

That last render is very nice. Excellent. :slight_smile:

Beautiful render. I am not much into rendered cars (you see so many nowadays), but this looks very realistic. Especially with the background picture. Very good! :slight_smile: