Porsche Boxster

Hi folks,

This is my latest work, modelled and rendered with Blender and Cycles, textures editing and final touches with Gimp. I’ll appreciate your feedback!


Ahh… one of my favorite cars…
Awesome job! :smiley:

It looks really good, although, I think something might be off with the length v.s. the height of the car. It might be that way on the actual car, but the height of the roof seems to take away from the sleek look. Otherwise, really nice looking.

That looks beautifuuul :slight_smile: If I may ask, how did you get such lightning?

Nice and clean. I like this “painted” like rendering. It looks like a car painted in Photoshop or Painter. God work.

Thanks for your replies,

I’m glad you like!
Ewilde : Thanks, but I must say I can’t really figure out what looks wrong with the shape.

Miskolciart : Thank you, the lighting is made with 5 emitting planes.

ntnsftr : thanks!

I would in some ways love to get a hand on your blend file to pick apart the lighting. I can model the shit of cars but god I suck at rendering this looks really beautiful. You should try your hand at the 2012 boxster I think that is one of the best looking Boxsters I have seen in a long time. 5 stars on the rendering, I think I could point out a few things that are off modelling wise but I will shut up because I like the rendering so much.

+1 on what TM said, go try the new one it looks great. And could you please at least post a picturer of how the lightning looks like in viewport? Thank you :slight_smile:

J’aime bien les reflets/lighting, bien joué!

Thanks guys! I have to check the new boxster version.

The light panels :


I think one of the key in this kind of rendering is to deal with the fresnel reflection effect to paint nicely the light gradient on the bodywork. And thanks to Cycles for the interactive rendering as well.

Gabich : Je viens de jeter un oeil à ton blog, superbes réalisation que j’avais déjà vu mais je n’en connaissais pas l’auteur! Bravo à toi, j’aime beaucoup tes choix de couleurs et tes rendus globalement…

thanks so much lucky

Great Job man! Look really nice and clean.

Great render; very effective.

I’ve got to agree on the comments on the lighting and, for me, they lift the car out from the ‘page’. Always interesting to see light set-ups /nod.