Porsche car tut... questions/help.


I seem to have come across a slight problem with part 5 of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS car modeling tutorial by Jonathan Williamson and have a couple of questions I hope someone can help with.

Here`s the video of part 5.http://vimeo.com/9166435

And here`s my mesh (solid selected) before I start part 5:


At 55 seconds in, after the Shift-D to duplicate the loops, P is pressed to Separate at Selected. Then Tab is pressed to leave Edit Mode and go into Object Mode where the “loops” are selected and then Tab again to return to Edit Mode.

As you can see in the video, Jonathan`s mesh is still intact and shows when Z (solid) is pressed. Mine looks like this:


Nothing like it was before I started and when I press Z to return to solid my mesh doesn`t show at all:


My mesh seems to have become “broken” and has bits missing after I do the P to separate thing and I can`t seem to get it back or fix it…

Anyway, the first time I tried it I just carried on to see how it went (not good) but doing that brought up another question for me.

At 1:48 into the video, the back window is extruded down and snapped to each vertex in line by setting to “Vertex” and “Closest” and then extruding whilst holding down Ctrl…

I just cannot get this work. When doing as described above and having set to vertex and closest, when I extrude whilst holding down Ctrl, it extrudes ok but does not snap to any vertex at all apart from the very last one down…

I`ve checked out the online manual - http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.4/Tutorials/Modeling/Meshes/Snap_to_Mesh and tried various combinations of keys when extruding but nothing seems to work.

Im probably just making basic, noob mistakes and not doing something correctly but if someone could take a look at the first couple of minutes of the video and maybe say where Im going wrong or offer some things to try out Id very much appreciate it as Im just plain old stuck at this bit…

I dont understand whats happening to my mesh after I hit P to separate… things seem to be going wrong from there. I also dont know why the extruding and snapping wont work for me…

Sorry for the biggie. Hope someone can help point me in the right direction.


P basically separates a piece of a mesh into a new mesh (if you have one mesh and you separate a few vertices then you would now have 2 meshes with the vertices being transferred to the new mesh and deleted from the previous one.This can be avoided by simply extruding the vertices or duplicating them before separating them )

I don’t know what the problem is,in the last pick you simply have the new mesh selected while in the first pic the mesh with the whole car is selected.

I understand that P basically separates into another mesh etc (or to be honest I thought thats what it did, I didnt know)

The vertices that were selected to make the new mesh were duplicated before separating them…

My problem is that if you look at the video and then my first pic, after I separate, my mesh doesn`t look the same, it looks broken and there seems to be vertices missing…

After Jonathan hits P and selection in the video his mesh still looks intact and the same as it was at the beginning whilst mine does not. (Second pic)

I also cant get the extruding and snapping to vertices to work either so Im a bit lost…


Can’t watch the video, but it sounds like you expect CTRL to snap. This is not true; rather it TOGGLES the snap function while held down. So if you have snap turned on (that’s the magnet icon) and set for verts/closest, holding ctrl down actually DISABLES snapping. JW probably had snapping turned off and temporarily activated it with ctrl.

Edit: just read that caps are rude in forum posts, sorry about that.

Unfortunately i can’t view the video,i just get a black screen with the sound playing and a small white ‘F’ icon (flash) in the middle.

As far as i know pressing and holding ctrl moves the vertices you have selected grid unit to grid unit.usually selecting the vertices,pressing G and then holding ctrl allows you to move them grid unit by grid unit.

In the second pic your mesh is in wireframe mode,nothing seems to be broken.wireframe just doesn’t display every face while in object mode or selecting another mesh.

Also you have the new separated mesh selected in the second pic,not the car.

@DruBan,caps are not rude.It’s only when you write a whole sentence in caps then it’s rude (caps = yelling)

If you want to point out important text in your post,simply go into post edit mode,highlight your important text and press ctrl+b to give it a thicker black outline.Again typing important words in caps is not rude.You can also use ‘’ to point out ‘important’ words.

Good info here DruBan, thanks for that. I thought Id picked up what JW said correctly but possibly I havent. I`ll check that out.

I appreciate the reply and as DCBloodHound says, caps are fine when explaining/pointing something out.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

Damn! I wish you guys could see the video, Im sure it would make things easier to see what JWs doing.

Again good info here though DCBloodHound, thanks.

Ill keep above infos in mind and give it another shot. Hopefully it`ll work out for me.

I`ll be back. :stuck_out_tongue:


I`ve realised that most of my problems were basically coming from being a noob. :stuck_out_tongue:

I`ve now got the snapping working and have learned some new stuff from you guys along the way so all good I suppose and thanks.

I do however have another couple of questions.

In the screen of JW`s tut, (below) he has everything (windows and car body) showing their respective meshes at the same time and had it like this during the modeling of the windows.


Where as mine shows like this, with no mesh showing on the window. (I know the faces of the mesh can be seen but not in black lines as in the tut and no vertices can be seen.)


How do I get the mesh to show on both the car body and windows as JW has? During the modeling of the windows, vertices are lined up on the windows with vertices on the bonnet (hood) of the car and its not very easy at all to do this without everything showing its mesh…

Plus, how do I get the reference picture (green Porsche, bottom right of JW`s Blender screen) in my version of Blender? I followed what JW did to do this but as different versions are being used I had problems getting it show…

I`m on v2.68a - JW is on v2.49

I`d appreciate any help. :slight_smile:

Sorry to bang on about this but if its possible to have the mesh showing for each individual piece (windows - car body) as in the screen from JWs tut above, could someone please say how I do it?

Not having the mesh showing on the windows at the same time it`s showing on the car body is making things a little tricky for a noob…