Porsche Carrera GT - Short Action Car Chase Scene - Blazraidr

So I’ve decided to create a short car chase scene, full of action, with Blender. It will involve a highway, in which police vehicles are pursuing a car, a Porsche Carrera GT to be precise.

I’ve started modeling the Porsche, and I’ve come to realise that this project is going to take a LOT of my free time, so please don’t expect too much progress in a short period of time - there will be periodic updates.

Here is a timelapse of my first modeling session. There should be more to come.

Some more progress:



Session 3, by the way, the images in the previous post were AFTER session 3.

This is looking pretty awesome.

Nice mod you have there so far! The time lapses you have right now are not that impressive but if you time lapse the whole scene then THAT will be cool!

I tried to keep them relatively short, because I know most people don’t have a long attention span. Also, I can’t work on the car for several hours straight to record, so for every modeling session I have, I upload that, so people can follow the progress - realtime-ish(?)

Some more renders, timelapses should be uploaded soon enough:


Part 4 of the timelapse:

Awesome. My blender skills are pretty mediocre. Having modeled a car this way before, I think I’d do it with bezier curves if I ever did it again. Any particular reason you chose to do it this way? Or is this just a preference thing?

I prefer polygon modeling only because I’ve become quite skilled with it. Also because I have never tried modeling with curves, so I’m not entirely sure about the process.

Awesome modeling, thanks for sharing.
Keep up the good work

Here are some more pics. This was one of my longest modelling sessions on this, but I didn’t get much done. I am a slow modeler :stuck_out_tongue: I will upload the timelapse of this session later, when I have some more time.


Looking beautiful so far, certainly one of my favourite cars too. They have one in the Porsche showroom around the corner from my home, gone in to have a closer look on several occasions. The topology is really clean, I’m hoping this is going to turn out as well as it seems it will. Good luck and keep it up!

Oh and may I ask, what are your render settings for these previews? The colours are really pleasant to look at and help show detail nicely. Nice idea with the time lapses also, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

I’m working on an Audi R8.
It’s amazing how the curves are perfect.
Is there any trick? Or you get that only by manually adjusting points?

Here is a screenshot of the settings, it’s not that complicated actually:


Here’s the timelapse of the previous session:

Awesome! I’ll keep an eye on this.

Nope, no tricks at all, it’s all just manual adjusting and trying to match it to the blueprints. I look at a lot of reference photos too, to see how the surface of the car looks, and I try to match them.

It looks brilliant.
I’ve wanted to do a short animation on a similar theme, but never really got started.
Can’t wait to see your project come together. Will you go for a night scene?

Nope, I was planning to have it during the day, that way the cars can be illuminated and seen in full detail. I could have a test night render though, just to see how it would look.