porsche carrera gt (update(end 1st page))

I recently started on my first car. It’s not meant to be very high detailed. Just the some basic car modeling practising.
However I’m having some trouble now, the door is not really looking well in the renders. Its a seperate mesh, but apart from that exactly the same as the car itself. Anyone with a solution?


it is even worse with ao:

You have 2 meshes of the same door, i think.

Good start .

stupid :-|. All the vertices were double… Thanks anyway

The windows look a little funny. Overall, nice job for your first car! :smiley:


You should take an easier car for the first time.

yeah maybe you’re right…

some updates I think they’re worth posting:

Good :slight_smile:
The separation between the door and the car is bizarre : the door is excess push towards the interieur. And the roof have a separation at his front.

Continue :slight_smile:

That’s fixt in the pictures above. I’ve also reshaped the front.

C&C welcome

Great work for your first car. Some of my first stuff looked a lot like that… problems, problems!

I began modeling a Porsche Carrera GT a coupple months ago. Right now the exterior is pretty much done, but the interior needs to be modeled. It’s kinda put on hold right now, as I don’t have much time :frowning:

Heres two test renders of it, keep in mind it’s a WIP:


This is my third car model. You’ll get better with each passing try.

I’m not sure how to really help you our, but perhaps you could post a wireframe shot. That might help up find problem in your mesh topology.

Good Luck,
–Farrell F.[/img]

Looks very nice clean modelled :).

I’ve indeed some messy loops in my car mesh. That’s actually why i gave up making the car very detailed (also 'cause i’m lazy…). I’ll try that on my next car ;).


And maybe you find this a helpfull link for your car:

Another update: