Porsche Carrera GT

Starting up a new project. I was originally going to take a crack at an Impreza WRX STI, but i was taken by the Carrera GTs lines…


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There has been some delay on this project, but a lot of progress has been made. Here is a screenshot :smiley:

Nice well done.Can u show wires?.

looking forward to this! will you model the interior?

Thanks for the comments, I will get some wires up soon (maybe), and yes, I will be modelling the interior. I feel like this car deserves an interior huh? :smiley:

Here is a very early studio render. Recently Blender hasn’t been saving some of my progress, so I have lost some of the work I did… (note the lack of mirrors and door handles) Also I will probably revisit the front, because the grilles seem a little too lack lustre detail wise.
Also there is a wire of everything, but I could only put a diffuse under the main body panels without Blender crashing…so the wires are kind of hard to see (sorry!)

Did a quick mockup of a garage. I’ll be adding more detail to this and more complex lighting later, but I’m liking how it turned out. Got a lot of fireflies on the backwall, dunno why though.

Sweet renders.Totally loved the last one.

Thanks Time!

This project is where I’m really going to practice my rendering skills, so expect all sorts of renders on this project. Here I tried to do one of those sweet silhouette renders, although I probably should’ve turned the headlights off first…

Also included is a quick render of the tires. I used the Pirelli Pzeros (courtesy of Thornton Strolia I believe).

Tried one of those actions shots on a bridge, although the vector blur really messed up the image… The white lines on the road are all distorted, and the car’s shadow is just sort of gone… Perhaps I’ll stay away from blur for now. Included the image pre-blur for reference. Unfortunately I have to convert all the renders to JPEG or else they are too big :frowning:

Working on perfecting a mountain road scene. Thoughts?

Improvements on the last render. Also starting to think of what to model next.

Going to call this project finished, you can now find it in the Finished Projects section :smiley: