Porsche Carrera GT

Here is my Carrera GT, you may have seen its journey in the WIP section, if not, go check it out!

C&C welcome

Another Render

nice model and materials! it would be awesome if you could work a little more on the backgrounds…it would make everyting much more realistic! and maybe you could add some motion blur on the wheels :slight_smile:
great job!

the model is really nice! the last render i like the most :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! @4bit if you check out the WIP thread for this car I tried adding some vector blur to the bridge scene, but it messed up the ground…I still have some learning to do in that respect.

@Eric Thanks! I like that render too :smiley:

if you want that car moving blur look, just parent the camera to the car, move the car a little bit and activate motion blur :slight_smile:


Thanks for that tip! I’ll use that on my latest project.