Porsche Carrera

Started this project yesterday. Still tons of stuff to smooth out :slight_smile:

C&C is welcome!


Great! Just put the wheels glasses, lights and there you go, its like real!

nice, howmany polys so far?

How do i figure out that? :stuck_out_tongue:

nice car

see my picture to see where to find how many polys etc;)

Looks good so far. Nice to see someone model a Porsche - despite it being well known I’ve never seen one done on this forum before.

It’s been a long time since i’ve had the time to work on the Carrera, but i’ve finally got something done. In the process I’ve changed the plueprint because i did’t like the old one :slight_smile: So most of the car is redone + added rims and tire treads…

Yafaray build 277


Looks very very nice. Yafaray is a lovely rendering engine, and a lot quicker than indigo.

As for your specific question about how to find out the poly count, look at the top of your Blender window, just to the right of the Blender logo. There you will find Vertex and Face counts for your scene.


Not sure if you know this technique or not, but it’s a very quick way of giving your mesh depth. It never even occured to me, and I’ve been modeling cars for about 6 years, so it might not be that obvious,


Looks very nice. I must try and install Yafaray sometime - I can never get my head around what needs to be downloaded and installed where.


Hi guys. Wrote that one in a hurry… :slight_smile: I changed the blueprint. In regards to the polycount, the Fa value is 274015.

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Thanks! I watched the video and picked up a few tricks, will try it when i continue to model, been busy testing out different lightsetups today :slight_smile:

In regards to Yafaray and installing:

Thanks for the link.

It looks awesome! You have a clean mesh, bumps free :yes: Good job!

Thanks rogper :slight_smile:

Here is a update of the bumper which i redid and added round holes to, and the Carrera S emblem of course. Still some areas that needs tidying and a hole lot of details to do…


I’ve finished stuff in the back and the roof. Still details to come. Threw in a closeup of tire and rim. Now it’s time for some sleep…


Hi. Havn’t had time to work on this for a very long time. But now i’m trying to finish it… A small test with projection painting :slight_smile: