Porsche Cayman

This is my latest project done in Blender, Cycles and Photoshop.
Thanks to Jan Mokrzecki for the great car model (model was done in 3ds max)

1600x1098 resolution


Time-Lapse postproduction video (nothing interesting but maybe someone wants to see it :))


Perspective and size are both wrong.

Illumination too.

The materials and compositing are very nice, but there’s something funny with the wheels… They look a bit big, making the ground clearance too much I think. Also the front left wheel looks like it could be tucked in a bit.

Are these DOSCH HDRI’s?

I like it a lot, the models in your portfolio are cc-0?

I like it, very nice ! But the car seems to be little to big ?

The model is okey but there is something wrong with this image. The car just don’t seem to fit.

Hello guys!
Thanks for the FB. Maybe I just finished to early :stuck_out_tongue: But to be hones I do like this image.
Next time I will try to spend more time for the image :slight_smile:
@Juanrav yes cc-0 :)) enjoy

Very nice!

The background doesn’t perfectly fit but I must say this is a super nice render and model.

It is Very Awesome…I Love Your Work Guy…

Profesional work, nice renders