Porsche (Indigo)

A project i’ve worked on for quite some time. Got the time to complete it this summer, Car paint is not mine, but BbB’s…

Indigo 1.1.18


Wow a non-Blender render in a Blender forum.

Beautiful render and nice choice of car. Only thing i don’t like is the placement of the car looking down towards the ground but insignificant really and some minor noise still evident, quite obvious on the wind screen how long did you allow it to render for?

ATOM:::: Is this the first time you have seen a non blender render being posted here? Stop anal picking. Who cares, its the final result that matters. Do you sleep with Blender by your side too?

Who care’s if it’s rendered in blender internal or whatever!?? It’s modelled in blender - finish! And by the way…

I love it!! :smiley:

obvious troll is obvious?

anyway, the car looks good imho, but for some reason the windows are bothering me, it looks somewhat toony because of that, would be cool to see the interior, other than that it looks like a clean model :slight_smile:

After having had a one year long brake from this project, I gathered the strenght to “complete” it. I’ve spent too much time just tweaking and fixing past mistakes on the mesh. If I had more time and patience, I might have made the interior too :wink: Instead I figured that I would start another project, where I could avoid the nightmare that the poor meshflow introduced… :slight_smile:

I’ll upload a very simple HDRI render later tonight, when it’s finished… :slight_smile:

Yes, a five thousand post troll identified by a newbie. I saw no mention that is was modeled in Blender.

Modeled with Blender 2.49


You’ll be seeing a lot more Blender scenes rendered in external renderers when 2.6 comes out and the exporters are developed more, the reason being that the new API can integrate the external rendering options in the UI and its various contexts itself (the external rendering program will even start when F12 is pressed).:wink:

Look at the works made using Max and Maya and notice that half of them don’t even use the default implementation of MentalRay

I know! That must be pretty embarrassing.

On topic: I like the model and the materials, but I think that the camera perspective kills it. It looks almost orthographic because of how far away and zoomed in it is. As a result the viewer doesn’t get the perception that it’s very ‘big’, but instead that it’s a toy car.

But keep at it! I think Indigo is very good at renders like this, so you’ve picked the right tool. Almost there… :slight_smile: