Porsche / Render Challenge

Hello, I moved this to focused critique because nobody was actualy still answering at finished projects.

This is turning out more of a render challenge than an acctual finished project,
I though to myself when I got some new renders in from Skypa.

Thats why I have decided to acctualy make this a render challenge.
This is the file. Choose any renderer you like best and post your best results here.
The materials in the .blend are optimised for indigo.
That means you’ll need adapt them incase you’re using a different renderer.

For Indigo users, the material (Please adapt this in the .XML) for the car should be:

        <diffuse>0.2 0.6 0.85</diffuse>
        <specular>0.1 0.1 0.1</specular>

And now for something totaly different
Skypa has been friendly enough to push this one through indigo allready,
(as I mentioned earlier) and these are the results:

First one:
[Clickable | Indigo render: Background is a .EXR map: pisa.exr. Neat image had a go. Thank you again Skypa]

And this, with a sunlight to get a different effect:http://dominomf.com/smcfiles/JaccoG_car-skypa-sunlightpost-proKader1.png
[Clickable | Indigo render: Sunlight and .EXR, Brightened and tinkered with in the gimp. Thank you again Skypa]

Thanks to the few people giving me some C&C up till now.
Thanks to skypa, IanC and Framedworld for all the help with indigo.
Thanks to Fried for helping me out with the rims, and to everyone from #SMC and #Blenderchat for all the directions, C&C and moral support.
If I forgot someone: “sorry”.

I had to tinker with the images in the gimp because my CS2 refused to start up.
Then I reïnstalled it and I was able to do the cadre with PS: CS2


PS: You’d better click the images because they are rednered very big by skypa. Did I allready thank him though?
PS2: cough Rate my thread please cough

scale dosn’t look right it looks like its a toy car in a courtyard

haha, yeah I noticed that aswell. The problem is I modeled it right but my .EXR map is to big… I asume.


Maybe the scale looks wrong because the edges of for instance the doors look way too soft?


haha, yeah I noticed that aswell. The problem is I modeled it right but my .EXR map is to big… I asume.

As the Mhpe says, it’s the softness. A lack of fine detail and anything to compare the size to gives the eye nothing to go on really.

The background gives a problem because of the angle of the camera. Follow the perspective lines yourself and they mean the buildings must be quite large or the car small.

You need something in the scene for your eye to compare the size to, or make the car much sharper. The front wheel arch for instance, and the door.

It’s a really nice pic, maybe add some headlights though!

Ha, I had to move my thread for the same reason(your first post). Gotta agree with past comments.
keep it up

Well, the problem is the .EXR.
I modelled the lights and gave them a glass material.
Yet, in the direction the light is falling in it makes the camera impossible to look through the glas. You can try it yourself, If you hold a glass at that angle to the sun when it setting.
You wont be able to see through the glas.
I’ll attempt a carlight when I get home. I can’t promise anything. LoL.
I’m not all that good of a moddeler after all.
I was also thinking to do a new car.
To see if I can do it without a tutorial.
Rember this became a challenge.

IanC: I’ll tweak that front tyre arch. and the door and everything.
Thanks Free_ality.


I’ll have a look at the file, see if I can get the headlights working.

You should be able to see it at one angle, because head on you should see through it.

Do you have any renders of the headlights on their own?

The headlights are basicaly a hull of glass and no more :stuck_out_tongue: