port of Curveaceous galore to 2.5

I started porting the Curveaceous galore script for 2.4x
written by Jimmy Haze. http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=156125

the 2.5 version as an addon:

-added Helix

At the moment it is located in the add mesh menu.
This will be changed as soon as possible :wink:
(depending on first restoring everything else)

For now only the most 2D Curvetypes are reimplemented
and the rest is waiting for the reimplementation of the Noise() module from 2.4x

tests and suggestions are highly welcome.
I’ll try and keep this first post updated as soon as i upload new versions of the script.

great work.
really one of the better scripts for 2.5.
a little polish is all that’s needed.
thanks very much.

Thank you testscreenings. Scripts make Blender more powerful. :yes:

what, not many reply’s.
this is a very cool script.
maybe I’ll have to make some coder art so you can see just what you can do with curve shapes. :stuck_out_tongue:

that would be awesome. please do! =D

The link gives a 404 here…
Is it available anywhere else?

updated the link with wikipage.
also it is in the newer builds already.

Wow, thanks for porting that gem :smiley:

The link right now still goes to drop-box (though the text-display says otherwise :wink: ).
The correct link should be this one:

Thank’s testscreenings
for porting my old script to 2.5 :slight_smile:


I get a page load error. Can someone post the script on pasteall?


PS: If something is an addon does that mean it will automatically get added to a graphical distribution?

@ testscreenings
right now the arc curve type does not create arc shapes,
so can you please set arcType default and max value to 3
and enable “Innerradius” for the “Arc curve”
this way the script also creates nice arc’s :wink:

line 816: arcType = IntProperty(name=“Arc Type”,
min=1, soft_min=2,
max=3, soft_max=3,
description=“Type of Arc”)

line 944: box.prop(props, ‘innerRadius’) # doesn’t seem to do anything
EDIT: i just downloaded the latest build and noticed that this little bug was fixed…

Thank’s again for porting this script, and i realy like the “Cycloid” :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:

Greeble galore:

all greeble objects where made with the Curveaceous Galore script/addon,
i added the extruded ‘profile’ shapes to a new ‘group’
then i used some particle systems to pick random objects from the group,
set the amount of particles to the number of faces of the emitter (a heavy subdivided mesh)
make sure each face only emits one partice and tweak the particle size.
this way you can produce some cool looking greebles :wink:


oh wow that is sooo kool.

Thanks for this great addon!

I’m wondering a bit about the 3D helix. Its normals are seemingly random, which makes it difficult to use for wrapping one mesh around another:


(but better, I’ve tilted the normals by hand)

Mazui: ah, i see.
I didn’t have a look at that yet. It surely would be nice to have your output.
I will have a look (though no promises on a timeframe).

Cool. I hope it will be an easy fix. :slight_smile:

have a look at the curve properties,
change the ‘twisting’ option from ‘minimum’ to ‘z-up’
this should fix your twisting mesh problem.

Ok! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

I am wondering, is it possible to do boolean operations on splines with this script?

Any suggestions on how to add a caduceus/golden mean (helix like) curve to this script ? I have a MATLAB “.m” file that plots hundreds of them but my maths is not up to scratch to implement the curve in python. I’d like to recreate this geometry in Blender.