Portable Audio rig

Hi there fellow blenderheads!

Who here thinks buying expensive audio equipment is “justifiable”?
I do!
So I’d like to share with everyone my portable setup
source is a ibasso DX50 LO
amp is by beloved ALO International
and for the headphones, the AKG K550
cables are my custom cables that I made for this setup

I got too lazy to get my DSLR and take a picture so I just made it in blender :smiley:

I modelled everything here in blender, rendered using cycles, threw it in photoshop for a bit of post processing~

I know what you’re all gonna say… “that’s not expensive! thats just a mid fi setup! where are the lcd x’s? where are the orthos?!”
well this setup cost me an arm, leg, 2 fingernails and a toenail
so this is pretty expensive for me:D

but seriously, not all models are perfectly accurate (like the bevel of the metal part in the headband. it’s too curvy it should be more angular) but they’re pretty close to the real thing since I modelled it to size.

here you go guys enjoy :wink:

I like your render! A little strong the blur in the first, but good lighting effects.

By the way, I always buy cheap audio accessories :smiley:

I love this! Wonderful renders, extremely lifelike! :slight_smile: What’s your lighting setup look like if you don’t mind me asking?

thanks! ahhh I think you found them too strong cause on top of the DOF rendered in blender, I added a blur vignette. A personal preference :yes:

I can’t blame you, audio is a very subjective topic so like a lot of things YMMV… that and the price :eek:

Thanks you! the lights for these particular frames isn’t as complicated as you may think. Basically, they’re in a box with a window, a sky HDR and a sun lamp. That’s it! just play with the strength of the HDR sky and sun
ahhhhhh, for the sun I used a blackbody of around 4k kelvin
in the post processing part, I lifted the blacks a bit then added noise toned down the saturation of the wood, because it was too saturated. :wink:

Thanks for your response Harmonixer! What a simple yet effective approach to lighting your scene - I’ll definitely need to try this! Thank you for the advice - once again, great render :slight_smile:

glad I could help :smiley:

My first few renders actually looked different in terms of the overall look and feel

overall I prefer the ones I posted first tho :eyebrowlift2:

Wow, very realistic looking! Only, I’m not sure if i like the flare lines so much. But nevertheless, Great job! :slight_smile:

Thanks :eyebrowlift:

and the lens flares… purely personal preference :smiley:
I know it doesn’t add anything to the composition nor does it suit the scene… but i like em ~

That is an excellent looking render! What materials didja use? Those bumps on the table look increadibly realistic, alongwith the material used for the headset.

Great stuff!

That’s the node setup for the table. The table bumps actually took me quite a bit of time. Did lots of experimentation and this is what I ended up with.

and as for the headphones, (cause headset is what you call headphones with a mic attached to it ,don’t worry just me nitpicking ;)) which part do you wanna know about?
it has 3 main materials the sort of anisotropic metal parts, the sort of coated metal part, or the plastic part? :eyebrowlift2:

Beautiful renders! Post-pro effects are a little too extreme to my taste but…yeah I got it, personnal preference:-)

Wow, I never thought of adding the bumps the way you did. Lots to learn about materials I guess :slight_smile:

I wanted to know about the glossy plastic ear cover thingy (I hope you can understand what I’m trying to point to lol). That uneven glossiness effect is looking incredible!