Portable Blender version will overwrite Installed version's settings

I thought “portable” was meant to keep its settings to itself -isolated, and not mess with the system.

I’ve made a lot of changes to the default keymap on the installed version, but since Blender does not warn for duplicate / conflicting settings (that’s another issue), I was in doubt whether something that didn’t work was due to the changes or not, so I downloaded the portable version and saw that it was like running the installed one - it used all installed settings, referred to the installed recent files, etc, no difference whatsoever.

So I exported my keymap settings first, then I restored all keymap settings.
BTW, I had to click multipe “Restore” buttons, each for each category -no central restore.
Then, I opened the installed version and all settings were restored too. Fortunately I had exported them.

But there is the rest of preferences with no option to export them.
Instead, there are 3 options:

  • Save preferences ( to the registry)
  • Revert to saved preferences
  • Load factory defaults.

But that’s not the same as saving to a file, I cannot save different versions and if I accidentally save after “Load factory defaults” the settings will be lost.

You can better discuss this where developers see your message:

You need to create a folder named config inside the version numbered folder e.g. 2.83 local to the portable version, if that makes any sense. When the executable in the portable version is executed (double clicked) it looks for this folder first then defaults to the location of the installed version’s config folder? Every time I download a new version I do this so my configuration remains local to that specific version. You can copy the config folder from your previous version and the settings remain mostly the same bar changes in settings from version to version. Typed on my phone, noting that my desktop runs on top of Linux so feel free to correct me…



Just had to make sure! Want a different config for the same version, one for left click and one for right click say, you could always duplicate the portable version’s folder and try remember which one is which…


Thanks! That’s a good workaround to this issue.

Thanks, next time I’ll make an account there, since feedback can be heard.

I was telling you to talk this with the developers anyway because what you say may be a valid claim.
I’m not sure how portable apps vs installed apps generally work in Windows. If usually portable apps create their own configuration paths other than installed configuration paths, then Blender can be confusing.
But it would also have to be seen if Blender version that does not need installation is intended to be really a portable app.

It’s not really a work around though. That was the way it was intended to work:

They simply need to communicate how this works to people better so that there is no confusion.