Portable Blender

I wasn’t happy with the results of this project so I put it down for about a month.
The renders in my WIP thread were indoors and I finally decided that the whole point of a portable blender is to take it outside.
Then I had all kinds of problems trying to get nice caustics on the glass using yafray and indigo, but my patience wore out waiting on really long renders.
So I just went with Blender’s internal render.
I could spend another month on this thing but I have to make the call and move on to another project.
So here you go.


I really like it. Exelent modelling.
Have you had a look at the painting hard surfaces tutorial on the blender nation site. The guy (I can’t remember his name) is an expert on giving a used worn look to machinary and metal objects. This kind of technique would ad a whole new dimension to your blender not that it isn’t good anyway. Well done. I hope to model this well one day.

Well done, and great concept.

I need one of those :wink:

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as Chaser said “Well Done”

Thanks for the comments guys.

No, actually I haven’t, but that’s a most excellent suggestion.
Maybe I will work some more on this thing. :o