Portable Blender

Is there a way to setup Blender with Python and run it from USB drive or CD? I am asking that because when I will start teaching Blender in local community, I would like to burn Blender on CD (or copy it to USB drive for ones who has it) and give it to those folks who doesn’t have PC at home, so they would be able to come to the local library and use it there (and save .blend files on floppy if they have no USB drive).

Another question is that when I work in Blender, save file, exit, restart Blender and go to open file again, I end up in My Documents all the time instead on the last folder I saved file in. Is there a way to set up Blender to locate latest opened folder from previous session (Ctrl + U doesn’t help)? I run it on Windows XP from account with limited rights (not Admin).

Thank you.

just run the installer and point it at your USB drive.

you will get a python.dll that will allow most scripts to work

I have been playing with the idea of using the zip version of blender and python that work together using an nsi script so they can be ran off a pen drive together. Should help for those who don’t have or want to install python on the host pc etc.

blender will already run of a flash drive without installing, just download the zip file insted of the installer