Portable Blender

Hi all:D
I am a amateur 3d artist using blender.
Right now, I don’t have my own computer,
but I want to practice blender without having
to install it. I know blender can be installed
on a flash disk/thumb drive. yesterday, I
found a post from this site on google.
It mentioned a type of software that can
be easily installed on a USB disk.
but I can’t, for the life of me remember what
this type of software was called!! If any
of you know, please tell me.:yes:

I have downloaded the offiical ZIP version of Blender and run it straight from my flash drive without using any of the “portable” software versions.

Are you thinking of the “PortableApps” application? It creates a little “Start” menu when you plug in the flash drive?

Hi, Ninjacatman, I don’t know what the program you mentioned is called, but I just copied the directory I installed blender to and it has been working fine. It’s true I haven’t used it very much and I have noticed a performance decrease, but coming off of my home computer that might just be the computer I’m working on. (But going from it installed on the primary partition, which is a raid 0 setup, to a flash drive has got to have a noticeable effect.) You can probably get away with doing it the this way for now, but again, I haven’t used it much myself yet. Hope that’s helpful.

Edit: Philbo posted while I was writing.

I have been running Blender off of a flash drive for a little while now. The one thing I notice is that when the computer gives the flash drive a different drive name, it messes up Blender’s history and any non-relative paths, but other than that it works fine, if a bit slow sometimes(but that’s at least partly because our computer is slow).

As the others mentioned, you don’t need any particular software to run it that way; however I have PortableApps on my flashdrive, and I discovered that if the Blender folder is kept in the PortableApps folder with the other app folders, PortableApps will detect it and you can open it from the menu. :wink:

I solved the drive name issue by reassigning the Flash drive letter on each computer I am on. Then, every time I use that computer, it gives the drive the same letter. Then, it doesn’t matter which computer I open my flash drive on, all the paths are correct.

I have read some Zbrush and Mudbox professionals talking: they want a handheld sculpt application. It is possible to make a Blender version that can do it?
They want to make sketches with sculpt.

Thanks guys, I found Xblender that is supposadly FOR a USB
drive and it worked. But since you all said the normal zip
version should work, I tried it again…Well, it worked this
time. I’m on a different computer this time; maybe the last
computer I tried it on was the problem.

In the 3D industry there are already tools that do similar things.
body suites and they have a type of joystick that can use
‘shape keys’ to control a character’s facial movements.
The type of tool you’re talking about would definitely be a
God-send. I suppose the only issue with blender would
be compatibility… and that would just have to be solved
by the blender developers.

PS. Lets all cross our fingers and pray that they DO make
these things AND make them compatible with blender!!