Portable MP3 Players

I have recently been looking for a good mp3 player and was wondering if anyone here had or knew of a good one. I have been looking at the Dell Jukebox and it looks pretty nice. I want something with about 10GBs or more of storage space. I can’t afford an iPod. I don’t want to spend more the $250. Any suggestions???

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i say wait till you can afford an ipod

try a HiMD also


1Gb of storage on removable media. also with a radio built in.

but i agree Ipods are pretty good. as they function as far more than a music player. you can run software off them if usin a mac :stuck_out_tongue:


What about the iPod mini?

doesn’t the ipod mini cost more than the Ipod?



lol, should have known all u apple lovers will be sellin your IPods. :stuck_out_tongue:

well i don’t actually own an ipod nor do i plan to for some time.

but i have two friends who have them, and as university students they have proven invaluable to them.


I don;t own an ipod, probably never will, and I’m not a mac lover.

Me niether, but the one time i saw one in person i drooled.

save up for one.

if you are not willing to spend the money, an mp3 player doesnt mean that much to you.


I actully had a good talk with a friend and he really did a good job trying to convince me to switch over to Mac’s. I just don’t have the money right now. But Windows hasn’t really given me that many problems so until it does I think I’ll stay with it.

O yea, by the way, I went ahead and bought the Dell DJ with a couple of extras like a FM tuner remote and a leather case.

DELL DJ…mmmmmm. i got the dell dj about 5 months ago, im very very happy with it. same features as the ipod, but more freedom. and, it works with linux very well.

make sure you get the new dell dj explorer from the dell website. with the new version, you can also extract music form the player.

for anyone looking for a good mp3 player that’s 15 GB, go dell dj. i spent 3 months searching for the best one and i landed on the dell dj. im planning on buying a jacket for mine, since i want to take care of it :slight_smile: its worth the extra money for the jacket.

I just bought a Gateway 4-in-1 Digital music player from Best Buy and I’m diggin’ it. For 89.99 you get a 256mb mp3 player, voice recorder, and thumb drive. It’s my pick for the price. :slight_smile:


Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention that you get 10 hours of play time with one AAA battery.

I just read some very positive things about the Creative Zen Touch. What sucks about the ipod is it’s battery life, but that’s not a concern for some people. A couple of my friends have ipods and they are pretty nice.