Portait of mustache man

This is my final step! but i realized light still has problem but hope it would not much to adjust and add something to the mustache man.

Let me know what do you think???

I guess it’s supposed to be a cartoonish character? The general shape is alright and the beard fits to the face. For my taste the nose is too wide, the lips a bit too thick and the eyes could be a bit more centered, but if that are features for the cartoonish style it’s fine :slight_smile:
I just wanted to add that the Ears look very decent and many Fail on the complex shape of them. Yours look very fine, detailed and realistic

I agree with echo4hhsm, and mustaches should follow the upper lip, and be more separate from the nostrils, something like that:


Hi guys, thank u for your advices. I have a reference of a man. I tried to make realistic but I realized it does not success at first since I learned how to make topology flow and smooth. So, I decide to try half cartoonish and realistic character. It is why u can see big nose and lip for your taste. I can try to fix mustache to follow upper lip as well as your other suggestions. So, I can keep update to post after I edited. Again, thank for your open suggestions here.

I decided to made flower woman model. hope you like mine model but I am concern with lip that wont allow me to fix smiling. It looks bitch or mad at someone. the reference shows no facial expression. This is what it looks like. lol. Any suggest to fix it instead of remove lip and make new lip again. Thanks…

you have diffrent possibilitys to fix that.

First One:
you go to edit mode, activate proportionalediting (Alt+O) and try to reshape the lips with rotating, grabbing and scaling. And also try Shrink (Alt+S)

Second One:
you switch to Sculpt mode and try to reshape with the grab tool (G-Key) and the Blob/Default Brush (1/2 Key; NOT Numpad) and maybe also the Twist tool (dont know the hotkey for that)

I guess there are also other possibilties, but one of these should fit to your needs.

The main issue that i see is that your bottom lip is a bit to thick and the sides of the lips turn down, which gives her a very nasty expression. So with the already mentioned techniques you should be able to fix these things without rebuilding the whole lip.
Maybe you also add a sunlight into the scene. right now it looks like only Ambient Occlusion, without any “real” shadows. So it’s very hard to see the details, with your current light settings.
(Or if you already have a light source in the scene reduce Ambient Occlusion to 0.1-0.2 but i recommend to not use something higher)

aand i also wanted to mention that the eyebrows are also an important feature for expression. so maybe also reshape those a bit. Take one of your pictures and hide everything except the eyes, and you already see that she is looking angry with her eyes (eyebrows)

Thank u for your great advices! I can try to change my character into happier soon! Hope it works as well as mustache man…

I’d say you need to work more on the noses. While they are hard they are also important. :slight_smile: Good work!

I realized it does not finish it but I post it as well in W.I.P. I adjusted woman smiling from original one… the mustache man englared little more on mustache. I get both into together as 1920’s portait. I will change flower into white-grayish that look like black and white portait. I fixed woman’s nose and eyebrown. Now She is not swing moody anymore! lol… Happy marriage couple. So, I the fur coat looks unfinished because I was tried to get fur look softy-looking instead of spike looking. So what do you think?

Your eyebrows are too thick.Eyes of the man are looking so lackluster.
I think the hardest part for you to promote is the hair!

@silkroadgame- well, the eyebrowns suppose to be thick. You know most of Italian,Latin and Black, Arab men has thick eyebrown. (not all). I stay that way but would adjust position little bite. Also I will try get his eyes shine. :slight_smile: