Portal Cube



I see nothing bad about it, it looks ready to be textured. Great work on the cube. I’m guessing you used booleans to help create it?

You should smear some cake on the side… :slight_smile:


it looks perfect!

you might to convert those tris to quads, tho.

I would turn a few edges here and there, and probably either lower the resolution of the center cilinder, or increase the resolution in the round areas of the corner and edgeblocks.
But a great likelyness, where’s the cake?
O yeah… it was a lie… pity.

I did not use booleans…i started w/ a cone shape and modeled from there.


Excellent mesh topology, I can tell you took your time to make it nice and clean. Good job! :slight_smile: Nice render, too.

Thank you.

Yes, I did spend quite a bit of time modeling it. The first one i made didn’t look so nice. :o

where’s my best friend companion cube D’=, could he not come because I murdered him?


i love portal and i love this.great job

Hahaha…The cake…

Great work anyway, and an interesting idea too.

ohs noes made_a_lamp D’=

Very nice job!