Portal replicate

Hi everyone,
I know it’s been done before, but I still wanted to make a working portal system in Blender. So here it is. It’s not totally finished, and it still has some bugs, but it works.

Portals can be placed with mouse buttons. Walking with W,A,S,D. Pickup with E. Companion Cubes / Aperture Cubes included. It uses Blender 2.49


some bugs / unfinished stuff:
I know it’s possible, but I didn’t use a video texture, because my computer’s rather slow and doesn’t support GLSL (really slow :p). Instead I used a reflect texture since it gave a nice effect, but you can’t use it to peek through the portal.
When you come out of a portal that is not on a vertical wall, you’re not standing straight. For now, the only way to stand straight again is to place a portal underneath you and come out of a portal placed on the wall.

I hope you guys like it anyway. Cake. (:p)



I guess you are using blender 2.49. You can stand strait up if you activate this script:

gl = GameLogic
py = gl.getCurrentController()
ob = py.owner


#Activate the script to align the z axis