Portal trials

Hi pie! First i wanna tank Stu_Flowers for letting me post these scenes with his template! Second is that i am really sorry about the size of the thing… I totally messed it up by uploading 1 image many times, if someone can fix that it would be great.

I wasnt planning to post anything before i had made more scenes but i ended up working allot on the already existing scenes making them look good. (i got all the textures online:o)

The scene has a really low framerate, i’m sorry bout that:o

You can all update and post it but remember to keep me in the credits if the scenes i made is in it. And youd betther send a message to Stu_Flowers asking for permission.

Enjoy the short game:)


Can you host somewhere else, looks cool from the screens though.

It doesn’t work? It should work… Please tell me if it works for anybody else and if not i would be great if someone could give me another site.

You have to type in the code before you can download the file.
downloading now…

7-9 frames per second
46.1 Megabytes

sorry bout that:p i guess i overated GE-.-