Portal tutorial?

looking at the Yo Frankie site, they say that blender has a way to use portals.Are there any tutorials or examples we can look at?

I have got no idea how to do portals, but isn’t it possible to make the character move super fast with a motion acutator to the position you want. Then make him ghost so he goes through objects…and maybe move him to new layer so the player can’t see him…is that possibe?:eek:

That’s way too much work. I’m not sure if apricot introduced a logic brick method of setting an objects position, but the usual way is to have a sensor (say collide with portal object #1) activates a python script which uses the obj.setPosition() command to set the character’s position to in front of the second portal.

Portals? Well, you could do a system where you have a gun that places an empty on a wall, and when you go to that empty, it transports you to another empty that you placed.

But this would require crap loads of physics programming to do things like maintain momentum through a portal.

This isn’t to mention that a Portal-like game would require the ability to render to a texture, which Blender currently can not do.

@Jimux not Portals from the Valve game

portals related to graphics culling :wink:

I’ve posted a logic brick portal system that I’ve tested and improves performance.
I don’t know where I posted it though.
I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to use my system in big games. But it does improve the performance. I’ve tested it with high-poly models in one single room that gets activated as soon as you pass a certain point (I used a trigger mesh).

- AniCator

Are we talking about Aperture Science Center portals or Crystal Space portals?

A basic teleportation when you run through a portal is easy.

In THEORY, a “I can see through the portal and into where it goes” portal would be possible with some sort of fancy implementation of split-screens (I’m assuming you can dynamically change split-screens in game though).