Portals in Luxrender not working?

Hello. I would like to render a simple room in Luxrender. I used exit portals, but they
don´t seem to have any effect. The Eff value is still only at 151%. What is the problem?

The eff value isn’t always indicative of the actual render performance in Lux, as the developers there have said. Samples per second and samples per pixel are a good determining factor of the render as it is real time feedback. What I would do is post the question in the LuxRender forums and have the developers there help you out. They are a friendly bunch and know a heck of a lot more than I would about their project.

One true test for portals would be to set up a simple scene and render without portals first and then with portals another time and see if there is a time difference between the same resolution of samples per pixel.

I did render a simple test scene. But the portals don´t change anything, Luxrender renders always at the same speed. I also watched a tutorial on blender 3d architect (http://www.blender3darchitect.com/2011/05/model-light-and-render-a-room-with-blender-and-luxrender/). I followed it exactly, but the portals didn´t change anything.

Without any information on the scene you try to render it’s hard to help. Could you provide screenshots, files, or anything that could help understand the settings you’re using?

Ok here is the blend file.


luxtestroom.blend (458 KB)

Portals are working fine from that .blend for me. 160% eff with portal set to not render, 1940% with it enabled.

Works same for me with 2.57 and Luxrender RC 4

Hmm. … when I render the eff value always stays at 160 %