does anyone know how to make a portal type of thing in blender? like the portal gun in HL2s Garrys Mod… (there are plenty of videos on youtube) but anyways… is there like a script of something? i gots some ideas for it :smiley:


You can make the portal stuff. But you can’t make the portal shaders. We haven’t got render-to-texture support yet.

…not really

Oh… sorry.
I didn’t know about that plugin.

BGE does not support portals.A portal system would totally rock for BGE.

You could make a teleporter like one though. The first portal terminates the player when he touches it, and sends a message to the second portal to just respawns the player.

If you want a real portal system give Crystal space or Irrlicht a try. I am not sure if you can make portable portals though… I do know you can make moving ones in CS though.I think Ogre supports a Portal system too, but the developers totally suck with new users , so I dont suggest using it.(it is complicated as hell too).

That is one of my Biggest requests for the blender game engine!! A portal system would allow us to make some very nice first , and third person shooters!! An Anti-Portal system would aid us in making huge outdoor areas.

Well a new culling system in general would be nice :smiley: !!

hmm that sucks… a portal system would be the BOMB! well anyways… thnx for the replies