I am making an animation short which uses portals, but I need to know if there are any ways which I can make the portals show whats visible on the other portals side. For example, if i shoot a blue portal at my feet, and behind me is the orange portal, then in the blue portal u would see my back, and in the orange portal u would see my head. How do I make this happen if possible.
Thanks for the help

Probably two models of the same character, and a subtract Boolean modifier using a cube to subtract the parts of each of the two models that would be on the other side of the portal.


that’s probably something you’d like to do in compositing. Off the top of my head I don’t see any other way to achieve it…

How about creating main character in one file. And in portal file, call them up as two proxies doing same action.

ok so in the main character that will be his normal actions, but the portal file will be the other side…
how do I do the proxies and what are they, haven’t heard of that before…