Portfolio Critic

Hey all, so instead of getting criticism on a single image I was hoping I could get some feedback for my portfolio. Not on specific images but on my portfolio and work as a whole. What do you think I could improve in? What do you think my portfolio is lacking? I’d love to hear your guys thoughts and critics. :smiley:

(The diver helmet is just to add a thumbnail to this thread.)


Overall awesome! You have a lot of works. Consider that you are judged by your best output so removing old works that you are unhappy with will help you professionally.

Nice Portfolio!
I’m not a professional artist, so my opinion doesn’t count. And I am a fanatic of anatomy, so I see that you have some non realistic humanoid, but maybe some more semi realistic humans, and a realistic human could be nice! It is difficult to be a character artist, if you can’t do every kind of humanoid in a very convincing way.
So, maybe you can develop more in that “human” part.
But you know… I don’t know anything about living from your art.

Edit: By the way, the animal anatomy that you have is very nice!!!

Thanks for the advice, I’ll go back and take a look at it and remove anything I’m not happy with anymore.

Thanks! Your right, I’ll work on putting some more humans on there. My goal for the next few months (just got finished with some contract work so I’ve got time now) is to add some stylized humans and hopefully a realistic character as well. I’ll be doing some serious anatomy training to help reach this goal so I’ll be doing a bunch of gesture sculpts that’ll help me build up to doing a realistic character. :yes:

Very good work. I agree about removing the old stuff and also about adding realistic humanoid. Tonatiuh, you don’t need to be a professional to make your opinion count (at least that’s what I think but I’m not a professional, so maybe I’m wrong. I’m kidding !)
Don’t have much more to add, what your work is lacking depends on what you’re aiming at. Maybe the only thing it needs is just more of that !