Portfolio Entry: Here With Me

One of my personal favorites, of course because I attach sentimental value to it. This was taken during magic hour of late fall, which meant dynamic lighting and long shadows. Princeton University’s campus is also full of great architectural shots, but I doubt I’ll ever do architectural photography; I tend to look at smaller-scale details.

C&C welcome, as usual! :smiley:


Nice.I like the depth and overall feeling.The shadows and leaves remind me of some photography art I found, it had a girl with a dark coat walking through a dense park with deep shadows falling from tree’s and falling leaves surrounding her.It was Titled ‘Remembrance’. good job

just beautiful! very artistic!
the detail on this is great,and i love the mood.
good work!

it’ really a beautiful and artistic photo!
I like the ligtning and those two shadows a lot.

hmm… it would’ve worked better if the person on the left, would’ve been talkin to the other person, instead of taking a photo.


i would cut off the window fragment on the left and adjust the horizon.
…if not even more drastic : take only 2/3 at lower right, since the clipped window and the door don’t say very much to me.


Sin, leon, TiZeta: Thanks for the support! :smiley:

basse: Hmmm interesting idea. But that would’ve been kind of hard to achieve technically, right? :wink: In any case, it’s an interesting point of view… but I think it’ll achieve a different effect from what I intended. I think that would shift the focus onto the two shadows, which should call for the entire composition to be changed – for the picture to be a picture of the shadows themselves. Thanks for your input! I’ll consider possibilities like this when I shoot similar settings. It is, after all, a different photo :slight_smile:

bjornmose: Interesting thoughts too. I agree with you about the window fragment on the left… it does seem a little excessive… yet at the same time, cropping it out would just give you this brick wall, and I thought it’d be a lot less interesting. Hmmmmm. The visualization feels a bit confined to me.
Holy cow, 2/3? That’s quite a crop there buddy! :smiley: I see that you want to shift the focus on the shadows only? Hmmmm… would you really like that shot better? I think it’d be a lot less interesting, and those plants on the bottom of the cropping would look really odd. I don’t know… but I do agree that the door is kind of out of place. Perhaps I’ll reshoot this sort of thing with a more interesting, relevant background?

just set your camera on timer.