Portfolio Intro

Hi people, this is just a short animation, is basically the intro for my personal digital portfolio…

Of course made with Blender entirely, a lot of node compositing and Harkyman’s SSGI for a little GI.


music: Fideldeejay - Music 035 (radio edit)


Hi tuqueque, i like it and i find it very good intro for your portfolio. May be you could try a connection between the 2 reptile symbols : animation->domino reptile->your symbol reptile->your nickname. Anyway it is very good.

i like it too, very nice! is this the glare-node effect that is shinning on there?

BUT, for a portfolio it’s a pretty long intro. think about shorten it!

Thanks! :)…

Yes, the flares are made with compositing nodes… but with much more than just a glare node. There are more than 50 elements in the node setup to get the effect.

About the duration of the Intro, is a little long but a portfolio is something you don’t access very often… besides, i’ll add a “skip intro” option :)… thanks for the suggestion.

And about the animation > domino reptile (gecko) > gecko logo and nickname, is sort of a funny story… Almost everybody knows me by the nickname of tuqueque and not by my real name, so is sort of easy for people to get the conections without explanations… besides, i didn’t want to put too much weight on the “tuqueque” concept because the idea is to show my work and not to promote my nickname, alterego or whatever the “tuqueque” has become to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Its pretty nice overall, but I’m not sure about the shininess of your dominoes. Their materialing looks sorta plasticy, but when the light hits them, they reflect like a well polished metal. Also, the camera moves really oddly on its seventh angle.

The music is very nice. What program did you use to make it?

Thanks Sharper…

About the shininess of the pieces, i wasn’t looking for photorrealism, i took a lot of artistic licence there… and actually, yes, the flares were a stronger than i was looking for, but overall, i’m pleased with it…

And about the camera movement in the 7th angle, i was looking for sorta Snorricam angle and animation… it was mainly experimentation but i’m happy with the result, is a little “oddly”, but that’s what i was looking for :slight_smile:

Oh, and the music is from Jamendo… great site with awesome Creative Commons music!