Portfolio options?

I’ve used a number of portfolio sites but never find any that great as they don’t have the option to password protect them.

I have a fair amount of sensitive content that I wouldn’t like to share with public but be able to host it somewhere, where I can share to people with a password.

Anyone know of a site that does this? Would rather it be free but wouldn’t mind paying.

Don’t really have the time to create my own site.

Artstation has the option with a pro subscription to make the portfolio only accessible via a link. But no password protection though.

If you have a Vps, you can self host a Nextcloud instance and share your gallery with pasword protection.

I have something similar now but just wary of the material.

Think I will just create a pdf with my work on and pword and send a Dropbox link.

Thanks for the suggestion

When i’m not wearing my artists hat, I am a web developer. I work with a system called Kirby which has excellent multimedia support (can read image EXIF data). You could get yourself a theme like this one and password protecting part of it is actually pretty trivial. You can even take it further so that certain logins can only see certain pages. Would only take a few minutes.

Infact i built such a site for a client last year in just a couple of hours.

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