Portfolio work done after a tutorial, do I have to give the information?


I would like to apply for a two-month work placement in a company and according to that I have to send in some work of mine.
Some work is inspired or done after tutorials I watched and now I would like to know, do I have to give that information to the company?

I never used any assets given by the tutor, only free textures and my own work in modelling etc. In some of the renderings you wouldn’t recognize it’s inspired by a tutorial and some are quite near to the idea of the tutor.

Is it possible to say “inspired by …” or “after an idea from …” or do I have to say nothing at all? What would you recommend?

Thanks :slight_smile:


If anything was made by exactly following step by step a tutorial, it is not suitable for Protfolio.
If you made it yourself, then it is

If you were inspired by a random image, then it’s fine (though you may wish to get permission of the original author, and state so on your work)
If you were inspired by a tutorial, but didn’t actually follow it, then see above

Then there’s the hazy area in between.

I don’t like submitting anything as ‘my own work’ unless 100% of it is: ie I made all the textures, sounds etc. Other people don’t mind submitting things using a couple of external resources (if the licence allows it)

So do what you feel comfortable with.