Hi all,
I am a half way decent 3D artist looking for work,
I heard that I should create a portfolio, could you guys
tell me where I can make a free online portfolio?

If you search google with ‘free image hosting’ you will find several to choose from. These are some of the better known ones:-


Or, if your ISP offers free web space, why not take advantage of that and create your own site. There are a few free web design packages to help you. Kompozer, Screem, Bluefish - to name only a few.

Hope this helps you.

---- http://www.htmldog.com/
---- http://www.w3schools.com/default.asp

Create website

Find somewhere to host it.

Quoted for agreement. I’m learning XHTML and CSS to create my new portfolio, using exactly the links that hessiess gave.
It’s not difficult, you can learn it in a few days, and it’s always good to get new skills.

Yes, even if you do use a site builder,
is very valuable if you want to customize your site.
Another great link.
It has many handy tricks & tools for the web designer & artist alike.

Hi all! thanks for your help, I found a great site that I can use as my portfolio for free,
you guys might want to go here too. chrunchyroll.com is a great site to watch movies
and anime for free online(only non-licensed ones, so it’s legal), and they let you upload
photoes and videos for other members to see. I’m not sure, but I think you get some
kind of points for uploading videos; but what better place to have your portfolio!?

Anyway, I don’t have much work on it yet, but here it is:


I’m really sorry guys,
I didn’t know you had to be logged in to view the stuff…
crunchyroll.com is a great site though, so I would recommended it anyway…

Well, i actually took the time, i signed up and took a look at your stuff.
I don´t want do disencourage you, but before applying to a job with your portfolio i would work on:

  • composition
  • lighting
  • materials
  • extent
    With the work you have online ATM i would not hire you. You also should show some more work. Basically you show a sword, a vase a shield and a knight, no composition at all. If you apply for a job, a demoreel is mostly better anyways, because a portfolio does not or better can not show your skills on animating.
    Furthermore no one will sign up there just to take a look at your work.

I´d suggest you buy some webspace and a domain, get a page up and running where you present yourself and where you can point people to for a reference of you work…

And IMO the two best places for “free” portfolios are deviantart and cgtalk.

Hmm, thanks for the advice, I guess I should work on things a little more
before doing professional work. Since all my 3D learning was completely
self-teaching, I spent all my time on modeling, and sum what ignored everything
else. I can model like a pro, but I guess I can’t do much else, so that’s not much
good is it.

Well,! here is a site you don’t have to sign in to see someone’s work:


If your wanting to show off your modeling skills, do some more complex models and show wire frame shots. Right now the only model you have that might demonstrate an ability to model well is the knight, but it is impossible to see any detail or tell if he is assembled well at all.

Majority of Artist dose not have Programming skills at all , why ? cause lot of them does not like MATHS and never will that`s why they use Wordpress, Jomla or Blogger.

Dose`nt mater the site , your work counts.

You can make an account on CGSociety aka CGTalck

i would totally recomend you to buy EZGenerator is a suoer easy and very good webbuilder, i use it for my site, its based on templates but you can fully customise them.

its got lots of features, is cheap, very good, check it out.

http://www.ezgenerator.com/ for 129 dollars is a bargain. I can asure you you wont regret.

i would totally recomend you to buy EZGenerator is a suoer easy and very good webbuilder, i use it for my site, its based on templates but you can fully customise them.
I guess that’s why the HTML is kind of messy, and also invalid

I´ve seen worse ^^
Best idea for an CG Artist is to make the page XHTML 1.1 compliant… lol then you cant even define a table width ^^

However, if you want a WYSIWYG editor just use quanta plus… it comes along with every bigger linux disto with KDE and is free. not even 120USD.

That’s some confidence you’ve got there. Got anything to show to back it up with?

I wish you luck on your endeavor

you shouldn’t use tables for layout anyway, its not tabular data ;).

It might be messy, i dont know html, anyway, anyone that looks my web wouldnt notice anything, does it really matters as long as my web looks just the way i want, is easy, not expensive really, actaually is 99 dollars not 120, and fast to edit and upload.

Yeah, I don’t know any programming…well, I guess I know the bare-basics of python
and perl, and I have looked at C++, but I couldn’t make a functional program.
I want to learn programming, but I am studying Chinese, some Japanese, TEFL,
(an online teaching course), and when I have time, blender…so I simply don’t have
time for programming right now… ) :