porting older python scripts to the new 2.23 and 2.25 api

(Adrian) #1

how cna i port older scripts to run under the new api short of re-programming them all over again? i know absolutely no python at all and am willing to learn but it will take me a long time to learn python.

(WeirdHat) #2

There are two Python APIs. The first is, well, the first. The second was in Blender 2.10 (I think), and then got replaced by the first again in either 2.14 or 2.20, I can’t remember which. Somebody correct me if I got the version numbers wrong.

If the script uses the first API, it should work fine in 2.23 (unless you don’t have Python installed right… but I’m no good at explaining that). If it uses the second one, to get it to work in 2.23 you have to replace the “import Blender” line with “import Blender210 as Blender”.

I can’t think of anything else to say.

(Adrian) #3

TY weird hat for the help it has helped but i have blender 2.25 and need help porting the scripts to the new api with little or no programming if possible. but if not possible, then i will need help to reprogram them as i have VERY little programming experience especially with python. if any one knows how to do this and has 2.25, i will be gratefull and send you the original working script for 2.23 if you can program and dont have 2.25, we can email ton or talk to Kib_Tph in the forums here and see if we cant get you 2.25 for this purpose of getting the old scripts ported to the new api.