Porting over from Blender portable to Blender installation

Look at me here in Blender basics support :slight_smile:

I used to use the portable installations of Blender rather than the installer in Windows 10.
Now I have a problem with an addon and I suspect it only works when I use the installer (render+).
Since I put always a lot of effort setting up workspaces, and have loads of addons, I don’t want to start from scratch.

How does that work, so I have now Blender 2.82a portable and want to switch over to Blender 2.82a installer. I suppose I can first copy my appdata/roaming/ etc (my addons folder) and if need, I replace that later in the new installation (installer). Does that work well ?
And I suppose there is then also the addons folder in program files, and end up with some double addons.

Ah, got it sorted already. Didn’t want to wait, and just try. So that was no problem, all the addons, workspaces and preferences were still there. Though problem with render+ is not completely solved: is rendering one image and doesn’t go to the next job.