Porting QuArK to Blender

There have been several attempts to enrich Blender with more levelediting like features, just search the developer forums for “level editing”.
The idea of porting some python functions over form QuArK, a (or the) gpl level editor, has been there several times.
So my idea would be to port over all functions that QuArK has, but Blender doesn’t over to Blender.
This sounds insane, yes.
But, QuArK is heavily based on Python, basicly just the program core is written in Delphi and all the tools are Phyton plugins that are implemented via a Python interface, like Blender has one.
I crossposted this on the QuArK forums, cdunde, the current main programmer of QuArK said that he did just the same thing the other way round several times. So it should be doable.

I think this would really make Blender a lot more usefull for game creation.

Tell me what you think.