Porting Substance Painter textures into Blender

So I recently went ahead and purchased substance painter and have since been learning to use it. A question I haven’t really been able to find an answer for, is how to port a substance painter texture back into blender once you are done texturing, since, at least by default, textures created in SP seem to use their own unique file-type.

Easy. Go to File, Export Textures, select the appropriate output template (I use PBR Metallic Roughness), set your output directory, and hit the export button.

Oh, and you can set your file format from the settings tab on the export popup. I usually use .png.

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The normal workflow would be to model in Blender, UV unwrap, export your model, open in SP and do your thing. When you save a project in Substance Painter it’s more so that you can open it up again and continue to work on it or tweak it. The SP file format can’t be used in Blender.

You export the image maps from SP (colour, metallic, roughness, normal, etc) and plug them into your material in Blender.

I would highly recommend the Substance Painter Link addon by Xolotl Studio. One click export of your model(s) from Blender to SP and pretty much one click to send the textures back over to Blender

They also have an addon which does allow you to use SBSAR files directly in Blender, but that I’ve not tried.

I’d also highly recommend the CG Boost Substance Painter Launch Pad course which goes into some detail on using Substance Painter alongside Blender

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