Portions of My Scene Are Missing!

Hello, I am new to Blender, I just upgraded from 2.49 to 2.57, huge improvement! Anyways I am currently working on some of the materials for a game, a car to be exact, I am a button pusher, although I do not understand all of the features of Blender I don’t mind experimenting with buttons to see what some of the less complex ones do, that being said I was screwing around in the ‘Object’ menu with the “Plane and Plane.001” portion of the “Unique Datablock ID Name” when my model became stuck in it’s state, I began to start trying to undo it and lost some of my finished model in the process, I tried to save the scene “as-is” figuring that maybe the finished portion is stuck or hidden somewhere in the scene, is there any chance that that is true?

Maybe you push the “h” key and the objekt is hidden, get it back with alt + h.
Open the outliner window, there you can see all objects, materials, etc…

Cheers, mib.

No, it’s not hidden. I seem to have somehow loaded up an older version of the file, unfornuately the autosaved file is of an older version of the model too. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t reload anything through any reload function, all of these things occured within the same scene of the same model.