Portrait Drawings!

Hi. :slight_smile:
I really like to draw, so I draw a lot.
I usually draw manga. But now I have decided to focus on portrait drawing.
And here are some of my work so far:

Matt Le Blanc - First portrait drawing… not so good…

Girl - Not so good either…

Girl 2 - Well it’s okay…

Self Portrait - This is me!!

Girl 3 - Very good!

Michael Jackson - The King Of Pop - This I think, is the best drawing!

Let me know what you think about it :slight_smile:

Nice! keep practicing :yes:

About girl 3, the eyes are not level and the left cheek look a bit problematic to me; was she eating a candy? I like her hair though :slight_smile:

AtokLanzeros, what media are you using?

Not saying that you have been untruthful at all, so don’t get me wrong. I just would have never guessed that the same person that drew the first drawing drew the rest.

The first one shows an understanding of contrast and removal of “lines.” The rest are full of lines. When I say “lines”, here is an example: When you draw the chin, do not draw a line to represent where the chin is, use the contrast between the shade of on the neck against the light hitting the chin to create the illusion of a line.

I don’t want to be overly critical of your work, just honest and constructive as possible.

I wouldn’t worry about drawing lines, it’s your art, how you wanna draw is up to you.
But you should look up some proportions in faces, and how they translate in different angles.
The one with MJ, his eyes are looking to the right, but the angle of his chin, isn’t line up with all the way. As well as his nose. Also, put as much work into the other objects in the scene, (his hair, ear &clothes)


Sirgazel - I am not using any media. All of these drawings, are drawed in hand. Then I have taked a picture of it, and then put it into the computer :slight_smile:

Here is a new drawing!! :slight_smile:


Hi Atok,

I am painting specialization student, I know it’s a bit off topic, but I hope you won’t mind if I paste here some of my drawings too?

Keep working and you’ll achieve great results.

Sure Chingachgook. You can post drawings here. I would’nt mind :slight_smile:

Here are another self portrait:


I found a lot of proportional mistakes in your drawings. It happends when there is loss of discipline. Do not run to finish details. Go from large details to smaller, keep it fresh and always try to examine proportions and look at whole drawing. Draw smaller details and finish drawing only when you check all proportions and global characteristics.

Try sometimes to turn around drawing for a second. You will see mistakes you didn’t see normal way.

Try to look with eyes almost closed. This will sharpen shadow surfaces and help you to better see characteristic shadow surfaces.

You have a talent to draw person character, your drawings have soul. Little more experience and you will be great.

By media I mean traditional media for arts :eyebrowlift::

Oh, cool thanks.

Here is one of my self-portraits. Pretty old one.


Here are some paintings, sorry, couldn’t find any drawings =)

oil, canvas
my friend

Hey. Some great work from both artist submitting work to the thread.

Sirgazel - I just use regular pencils. Sometimes with a different hardness. Ex: 2B or 4B for the dark shadows, and 6B for all black areas. Then I smudge out the shadows and lines with my fingers.
I have heard about something called a tortillon, but I don’t know how it’s made.
If any of you know how to make it, and use it, please let me know :slight_smile:

Chingachgook - Those are some very nice pictures! I really like them. I just think that you maybe should smudge out the shadows… But that’s just what I think. But it’s still a very nice drawing. You are very good at drawing :slight_smile:

A new drawing! :slight_smile:


Another new drawing :stuck_out_tongue:
This drawing should look like Jennifer Lopez… But I don’t really think it look just like her?!?
But I really like this drawing anyway, and I really like here hair!! :slight_smile:


You have a good mastery of drawing with the pencil. It is a tool you know well. However, I see repeating errors in your drawing of faces and heads.

You are struggling with the facial feature forms. For instance, even when your subject is turned 3/4 view, you still want to draw your features like if they were straight front view.

You drawing of eyes are very iconic and you seem to spend a lot of time on them but they are not right. If you look carefully, you will see that they are not like they appear on the photo. You need to try avoid the eyes like you used to draw them and try drawing then like they truely are in the reference photos. One very good trick to avoid drawing the iconic representation of facial features from photo is to turn the photo reference upside down and draw upside down. Then draw the same photo rightside up and compare the two drawings to see what I mean. You have the same issues with the mouth and to a little less extent with the nose.

If you want to improve, I would recommend that you avoid reproducing photos for a while and start studying head anatomy. How head features are build (their form, morphology). Start drawing from life too. Just draw heads from all angles and use anatomy book references.

Some new drawings.

Megan Fox…


Jack and Rose from the Titanic movie…

Your getting better, you really shouldn’t smudge with your fingers tho.
Fill in as much gradients of shadows as you can, and if you want to have that smudged. blended look, buy a blending stump, or use a tissue.