Portrait exercise: G. Rasputin

Next contest (this time at http://blendercontest.com/ ). Subject is “Things are getting hairy”- just because CYCLES can now render fur as it should and for my entry I am going to make a bust of G. Rasputin. Since there are no surviving photos showing him from full profile, I got to improvise so… here are results of first 3 hrs of modeling.

I gotta admitt, it feels kinda creepy to look this photo in the eye.

Mesh flow of base shape.

Close enough, considering fact most of his face will be covered with hair.


Learning hair. That’s actually first version that’s acceptable enough to be shown. Far from final of course.

lookin pretty darn good so far. can’t wait to see the progress :slight_smile:

Nice work :slight_smile:

Thank you very much gents, I hope you will like the progress.

Beard. I am (obviously) having some problems controling children hair. I think at the moment I will leave it as it is, build rest on the scene and then go back and work on hair some more


Well- a little progress. Fur is too regular atm, totally no materials etc but I think I’ve nailed down basic concept and pose.


Painting face texture.


Shaders almost done, but diffuse map requires bit more irregularities. Time to do hair properly

Oh- do not mind eye. It is just large light plane reflecting that would have to be corrected in final shot.


State of things for end of the day today.


This is already really good, but not quite there yet. The face modeling is really good, and fairly accurate the the picture.

The only thing: the hair doesn’t make him look like Rasputin. Rasputin had extremely greasy hair, almost stuck onto his scalp. You character’s hair is too far from the head. Too “poofy”, as my sister would call it.

Also, the distinction between his hair and his beard should be more obvious. as the beard was very “poofy” and the hair wasn’t.

Overall great modeling, much better than I could hope to achieve, but the hair makes him look more like a dwarf king than a crazy-ass Russian conspirator :slight_smile:


Thanks man, very good input. To be 100% hones, even thou hair is just “placeholder” for now, I was so glad with it (did it first time, that’s why) I wasnt really very concerned about loosing some (or all) likeness. Still- you got a point and I will certainly do my best to correct thinks.

If I remember correctly, there’s a value in the comb menu (the T menu in comb mode), that sets the distance from the emitter. Lowering that should help.

How did you get the frizzy look for the beard though? I was trying to make curly hair, and for the life of me I couldn’t manage to do it correctly.

Is it ok if I just send you blend ? You will investigate by yourself. Basically it is all “curl” applied to children hair, that’s all.

Here it is. Since contest deadline is in 6 hrs I will call it done, although clothes are really far cry from “realistic”. Blender and blender only, minor color correction (skin got bit too red with sub surf) done in Corel PhotoPain. Thank you for watching.


looking nice