portrait practice~

Hi all ~~
this is my latest personal practice , it’s a big target to do ,it’s all WIP, I’ll keep update here , and hope you enjoy it


WOW! This is only a wip !? Can’t even imagine the final image then. Amazing work you have here.

Yes! Yes! I love it!!!
I have some suggestion if I may. The eyes and the ears.
The eyes especialy the eyelids hasn’t any definition, especialy in the inercorner of the eye, and look… Bad (compare to the rest). Be carefull with rhe orbit of the eye, te inerpart is too far from the actual eyeball.
Also the ear is to big and the form is not atractive as she is.
The blue sss ofe the eye and lips is to strong.

thanks all replies and here is the latest update , fixed some propotion and improved textures ~~still WIP

Just Wow !

good!! but the hair need more work on it.

The latest WIP here , thanks again , and still WIP ~~

i really like the render in post #4 she looks like charlize theron.very realistic looking model and good lighting in this scene.i am trying to sculpting my first head atm,have you a link to a tutorial how we can make a realistic skin like this ?

btw in the last render i would set a little light in front ,to give her a bit more tiny reflections in the eyes,that makes her expression more life like.anyway very realistic model.great work.

Scene props upadate , still WIP

#pixelgrip thanks for your reply , but sorry there is no tut for the skin now, maybe when all things done , I’ll try to make a tut about it , thanks again

Ok good cause that’s the first thing I did was look up this image from the movie The Huntsman. Looks awesome! Great work!


hard cloth and cool chair i would like to know what type of bump texture u used for the skin?

looks great. as we DO recognize C Theron !

I suggest get rid of the fire on the life, it’s killing the image. Otherwise I think this could be a great shot.

Latest Update~
Hand detail~~procedure textures in blender cycles , still WIP