Portrait - Rose

hey Guys,

this is my first work in blender, a finished one . this is a faint resemblance of my sister even though she says nothing. done totally in Blender. Added text stuffs in photoshop. Rendered in Blender internal render for 3 hrs 30 minuts… (i kept quality as 200% so it took more time i guess.

if you are thinking something weird in angle, its rendered in orthographic, its looked cooler to my eyes. :frowning: .

i suffered in hair, i stopped at a point where i was about to throw the project . it took me like 1 week to do this.( i am an amateur, so very slow. :o)

Expecting feedback As its my first work in blender.

Thanks to Kent trammel ( i dont know if that correct spelling)for his tutorial on relaistic head. it helped me a lot. u rock man !!

thanks in advance.

First work? Really good - I think you’ve captured the feeling of a real person which is hard to do. There are a few problems - neck looks too small, ears too big? Top lip not quite correct. But these details are not important.

i think is brilliant , i would like this model with a face rigging!

hey swmo, thanks for the reply man. a first reply :D.
neck ya the hair covered the back area?? i dono …
and ear look big right . :confused:
but lips , my sis has the lower lip bigger bigger than the upper. if that what you are mentioning. or may be the roundness??

i ll correct my anatomical sense . thanks :slight_smile:

hey petuzzo, thanks for the reply :slight_smile: … face rigging eh …will try someday, when i learn rigging :slight_smile: