Portrait WIP...Foood....

I decided to make a lighter, happier character and try a different facial expression for a change :slight_smile:
I still need to texture her hands…but any feedback in the meantime is welcome~

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Well, it is hard to see flaws! I like it very much. But since you ask hehe
In the hands, the proximal interphalangeal articulation looks like it has arthritis, it is to big, in comparison with the other articulations.
And the t-shirt, in the axilla is making a strange folding.
The marks in the bread are too big for her mouth… I think.

can i say you people are too good?
your work is amazing

@Yusuf Raja - Thank you~ :slight_smile:
@Tonatiuh - Thank you for the advice! I’m glad you like it~ I’ll try fix up the anatomy…ahhh…hands are so tough…:stuck_out_tongue:

hehe) you never get tired of making these pretty girls, are you? :slight_smile:

Great job, just as before!

If you look at your hand you will see that fingertips, knuckles and palm (for the exception of the central palm part) is redder than the rest of your hand. I usually add this colour to my models. The same is true for the tip of nouse and nostrils, ears, area around eyelids. If you overdo it - they become sickly looking, but if you do it just right - they get even cuter :slight_smile:

Keep up great work!

Haha :smiley: Thank you for your tip, Margenta! I’ll go try it out~

Are you kidding!! I love it, you are rely talented!
By the way, I just realize, seeing the difference of your hands and the face, that you loss some SSS when you apply the paint texture on top. (I think Kent trammell used the paint texture, to generate the sss, and change the setting of the base color of the shader to a reddish: https://cgcookie.com/archive/skin-shading-cycles/ (the simple one is enough, but he explain that in the complex one) It loses, a bit of the paint, but it seams more natural. anyhow, it is an small thing.

Well I still got a lot to learn :slight_smile: Thanks so much for your all help, Tonatiuh! I’ll look into the skin shader some more~

It looks like a good stylized character. Maybe try adjusting the shirt near the armpit, on the right side of the image especially, the bunching looks a bit strange.

You do know that 99% of 3D artist make pretty girls, right? :wink:

Update~ I reworked the shirt completely and tried to make the skin more fleshy…
Aha…I dunno about those glasses yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the glasses but I think you need to open up the lighting on the face with them in place, it seems a little too dark and shadowy. Also, I would lighten the value of her irises just a bit, and maybe then boost the saturation some also, to make sure iris & pupil are distinct from one another.

Good bread texture! Looks yummy.

That bit is much more convincing! I see that now the skin is not blocking the SSS (I’ll wait and see a hi sample render)
The shirt is much more convincing, but it feels heavy and not touching the body, a soft shirt will fold a lot more, at least the one I’m wearing now.
Love the glasses! but they have to touch the nose in the nasals bones, not between the eyes.

this next render looks alot better
i think that just adding the blue t shirt gives a better veiwing experience. if you know what im saying
However… i noticed her hands dont actually look like they’re touching the bread especialy on her right hand
it might just be the lighting though
great work and the skin also looks much better
keep up the good work

Here is my first Work:https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?404506-Darth-Vader-Lightsaber-WIP-2

Thank you all for the feedback~ I adjusted the glasses, shirt, and hands some more. I’ll probably wrap up this project soon…

I likes the crumbs :smiley:

Haha :slight_smile: Thanks chipmasque~

Nice!!! really nice!!!
I’m out of critiques!

well i think that you are done
the shirt looks even better and her face is also alot better
i think that you have done a good job

I love the progress, the only thing is her fingers still look a bit wrong. Some of her phalangies are bent too much. Otherwise I like it a lot!