Portrait with Ditte scene

Hi guys ! Here a small work for my website, a way to show my face in " about" section. There’s long time I didn’t work with Yafa, so this rendering is done to not forget how wondeful Yafa is ! :wink:

really nice render! I hope yafa get developed further is a really great engine!

I agree with Bernardo…really nice…

Thanks guys ! It’s only a Photon Mapping raw rendering, without AO or any passes. I used the node compositor to make the vignetting and the glow effect. Rendering time was aroud 30mn with the Yafa’s DoF camera.

Hi Olivier, great work. Can you show the photon map? I see some photon leaks on the windows frames.

It looks good ! What resolution did you render at ?

Really cool render, great work! :smiley:

very nice, i like yafaray

This is nice :slight_smile:

Very nice! What is yafa?

very nice! love this light

Thanks guys !

_" Very nice! What is yafa?"
_Simply one of the best and easiest external render engine with GI algorythms. It’s like a free " Vray-like" :wink:

For Alvaro:

and the Photon Mapping Clay Render:

And just for fun, the Direct Light version with AO and the same node compositor:

Renderings are all 900 x 1200px, but the final used image is more than half reduced, so that why there’s still some noice in the renderings ( specially DoF noise). That the way I save working time :wink:

really nice render…great work man…

Thanks !
Here the render settings:

Remember that’s a simple raw Photon Mapping rendering ! Yafa rocks guys, and the near futur will too ! :wink:

Your render settings ar not unlike others I have seen for YafaRay, but I would more importantly like to see your light placement, and whether you used IBL, meshlights, etc. :smiley: The Direct Lighting version looks amazing too by the way! :smiley:

Thank VickyM72 !
here the scene settings, no meshlights or IBL, only one area light outside. You can find and download the whole project here !

Very nice, comme toujours.
Just the lamp in front of the portrait has something strange.

I think the lamp reflection is intended in the composition as an eyebrow! I love the original “about” image idea, and the render is beautiful.

@Riofranco: Thanks a lot, very helpful! :smiley:

looks very nice. But how can you reduce that unecessary noise?