Portrait with helmet

Hi everyone!

So I’ve been working on this piece for a long time now and have clocked a lot of hours on the weekends and after work. It could still be taken further but I’ve decided to wrap it up and move onto new projects.

This is the second piece I’ve completed and (besides a few touch ups in photoshop and the computer interface being made in illustrator) was done entirely in blender with cycles. It’s been a long process but thanks to people here, helping when I had questions and some great tutorials from blenderguru.com and the tutorial on creating a realistic head from blendercookie.com, I’ve finally gotten it to a point where I feel like it can be called finished.

This guy is a scientist, explorer, and scavenger. His computer interface, built by him into an old suit that use to be used for construction purposes, aids him with geological data, atmospheric information, and monitors his body.

Inspired by the fallout games and general post apocalyptic sensibilities.

I’m not the greatest designer in the world but am always drawn to cool computer interfaces…maybe one day I’ll find a designer to collaborate with instead of pulling my hair out trying to do interfaces myself.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to critique or comment!

Very cool! I think it’s awesome!

Head and face fully modeled in Blender?

I wonder what that bezier noodle he’s looking at means. His expression leaves it open.

:yes: …nice work…

Was your reference by any chance Anthony Hopkins?

I think that’s the radar of the landscape in the upper left (right on the owner) hand corner of his helmet. It has a professional look to it. I like it. If I were to rate it, I’ll give it 4 stars.

Yeah, I was thinking the thing hes looking at was some kind of topological mapping of sorts. In fact I had a different idea for the computer interface all together but had spent so much time on this already that I decided to leave it as is.

@pasi I didn’t use any one reference for this. I studied classical sculpting in collage so I have worked from single images or people before but in this case I followed Kent Trammels tutorial in which he uses multiple references. I used a bunch of old civil war photos and some modern photos with the intent of not making it any one person.

Yep, everything modeled in blender.