Everything is done on Blender except the face paint which is done on Substance Painter. Made with Blender’s latest build for sss walk random and to test the hair principled. You can have the wip at this addresshttps://blenderartists.org/t/girl-portrait/1109356/19

#featured. :slight_smile:

Clearly can spot Cara!

Face is good but the hair lacks volume, looks like girl Donald Trump

Nice! Did you model the face? The anatomy looks spot on.

This is great, especially the eyes. However, he kinda looks like one of Ragnor’s sons from the TV show Vikings, so I was surprised to see the carbon fibre armour :smiley:

She looks like Aloy :slightly_smiling_face:

Well done!

damn this is so good

Thanks. No, it’s not Aloy. My model was Cara. It’s a first image test. I’ll have to rig his face to make him a better pose.